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A gifting service that makes every city just 3 hours away

"After being in a long-distance relationship, we quickly found out how difficult it was to stay connected beyond our normal communication patterns. Conquering both the time zone differences and distance is no easy feat; sending a simple message with a cup of coffee could at times be a difficult task."

So, in February 2016, we set out to fix this issue that couples in a long-distance relationship face every day by launching the first cross-regional gifting service, which delivered Starbucks coffee to loved ones in San Francisco and Taiwan. Started by a group of talented young entrepreneurs, we set out to turn the tide for people in long-distance relationships which also include families, students studying abroad, people working abroad and of course, international business partners. We were (and still are) insistent on providing tangible gifts, that are personalized, regionalized, and most importantly, delivered in 3-hours.

In 2017, we officially launched Giftpack, a platform that makes every city just 3 hours away. In just a few clicks on our App or Website, you can order a gift that is carefully curated by some of the best product and service providers in the respective region of your loved one; and your gift will be delivered in 3 hours by one of our well-trained packers. From now on, your heart can easily fly across any region no matter how far it is.

Dec. 2018
Leaders of Innovation Awards 2019 - Hong Kong
The most innovative gifting service of the year 2019
Sep. 2018
Forbes 30 Under 30
Featured Startup in the US
Jul. 2018
RISE Conf Exhibitor
The biggest startup event in Asia
Jun. 2018
Open Network Lab ( Japan )
and Plug and Play ( US )
Available in
Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo
Asia milestones achieved
10K Downloads on iOS
A huge grow and a big leap
100 Store Partners
The trust from people and the gifts we love
6 Cities Available
A simple but meaningful step
Giftpack iOS Launch
2 Apps and a strong backend
1st Giftern Joined
Our intern program, a big step
Giftpack Taiwan. Corporate
We have our entity in Taiwan ❤️
Giftpack, Inc. Corporate
We have our entity in the US

Meet Our Team

Every spirit makes a big difference in Giftpack

CEO & Founder
  • ”The perfect combination of brains and swag!🤓🕺🏼“
  • ”A workaholic who never stops working.“
  • ”Crazy genius, a Monkey D. Luffy like leader!!“
  • ”The most genius guy I’ve ever seen.“
  • ”Whoops! I have difficulty distinguishing him between my bro or boss.”
  • ”The calm MacGyer in the team who is also obsessed with iOS.”
  • ”The word imperfection is not in his dictionary.“

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