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  • What is Giftpack, how to use it?

    Giftpack is a platform that delivers your warmth to people you care about in just 3 hours or less, regardless of the distance.

    a. Select the city where you want to send gifts
    b. Pick your gifts
    c. Write a message and wait for the big smile from your beloved
    ( Want to know more about how it works? click “How can I send my warmth to my loved ones?” )
    Tips: You can customize your gifts with a thoughtful text, voice message, or video.

  • 我该如何加入?

    -进到Giftpack app后,点击注册,并输入手机号码(务必验证)与密码设定。


  • Are you open on holidays and weekends?

    Giftpack is 24/7! Nevertheless, Giftpack’s products are only available on the appointed date provided by our partner stores.

  • What are the available cities?

    We’re currently in.
    Taipei, New Taipei City, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Keelung, Miaoli, Nantou, Changhua, Chiayi, Yunlin, Pingtung

    USA :
    San Francisco, New York

    Tokyo(Suspended), Osaka(Suspended), Yokohama (Suspended)


    Singapore (Suspended)

    Hong Kong:
    Hong Kong

  • What cities are going to be available in the future?

    We’re expanding our services in Nagoya and Fukuoka in Japan this summer. However, we are currently postponing launching services in Los Angeles, Boston, and San Diego in U.S. due to the pandemic. We will let you know once we finalized our 2020 plan in U.S.

    Additionally, services in Korea (Seoul), China (Beijing), France (Paris), Thailand (Bangkok), and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) are coming soon!

  • I want Giftpack in others cities. How can I let you know?

    Put down the name of your wish cities on “Let us Know Which City You Want to Deliver to” section at the bottom of our webpage”. We may expand to those regions if receiving many requests. Please gather your friends and family to vote for your favorite city now!

  • Where can I find my previous gifting records?

    [For iOS users]
    Upon opening the Giftpack app, click on the pink circle at the bottom. Click "Time Capsule" to check your previous gifting and receiving records.

    [For website users]
    Upon logging in through the web platform, click "My Account” to go to the "Profile” page. Click “Giftbox” to check your previous gifting and receiving records.

  • Customising on Demand

  • Can I check the photos of flower, message card, balloon, and so on in SPECIAL SERVICES before the delivery?

    We are sorry for this. Basically our packer buys and prepare SPECIAL SERVICES after they departure to pick up main gift. Please note the example or color you want into the special requirement. We will do our best to find but the final option will still depend on the stock in stores.

  • What is the service of Choose Which Gift We Buy/Deliver

    Choose Which Gift We Buy/Deliver is a service that we will assign our packer to the store you want, buy the gift you want and deliver to the receiver.
    We will buy on-demand so please be aware that there is possibility that the product you want is out of stock.
    Please remember to note the product priority into the note.
    Also, about the special requirement you may want, we will follow the regulations of the store you decided.
    Please kindly understand the situation above.

    *The store and the delivery address must need to be at the same city.

  • Can I place a huge amount of self-prepared gifts at once? What about business gifts and VIP customized gifts at Giftpack?

    Yes! We provide two customized gifting service called "Gifting Assistant" and "Business Gifts Package", where we assist you or your company with your specific needs.

    Please email our Customer Experience Specialist Nichola with the details of the company's profile (if applicable) and gifting needs at Thank you!

  • Who should I contact to if I want a customized gift?

    If the current gifts do not fit your exact needs, we recommend you choosing our VIP gifting service called "Gifting Assistant" on our page. In a few business days, our customer support team will contact you regarding your requests.

    You can also discuss this with us through our official website's chat box or Facebook page before ordering a gift. Our Customer Support Team is online 24/7 to assist you along the gifting journey.

  • Before Placing an Order

  • How do I pay for the gift?

    Please scroll down your website page to the bottom.
    You can see our acceptable payment methods.
    Also, after you filled in order details, we can check acceptable payment methods again in the payment page.

    *According to your country, some of them may not be used.

  • What is “The Magic Tip Box”?

    "The Magic Tip Box" allows you to tip your Packer for delivering your gifts perfectly :) They're responsible for taking a special video of your recipient's reaction and ensuring an awesome experience.
    After choosing the gifting city, you will find “The Magic Tip Box” service in the “Special” section. Adjust the tip amount in the last step and place an order to complete the tipping process.

    Besides expressing your gratitude toward your Packer, the Magic Tip Box can also be used when certain situations occur: For example, if Packer waited for more than 30 minutes to fulfill your delivery or had to re-deliver the gifts, etc. We will contact you in case of special situations like this.

  • Can I send a gift that needs to be pre-ordered earlier?

    Please contact our customer services directly if you would like to do so. We will do our best to speak with our store partners for you.

    Giftpack Urgent Gift Fee:

    Under $1000 TWD: $100 TWD per day
    $1000 TWD - $1999 TWD: $150 TWD per day
    $2000 TWD - $2999 TWD: $200 TWD per day
    An extra $50 NTD will be charged per $1000 NTD for the gift price.

    *This urgent gift fee listed above is only for Giftpack's handling fees associated with the orders, and it does not include any potential additional fees that the stores may request due to the urgency.

  • If I choose several gifts, can I combine shipping costs?

    At the moment, we do not offer this option. However, if you would like to buy different gifts at the same time, you can list the product names in "Special Requirement” when placing an order.

    Please note: If there is more than one store in the same order, an extra delivery fee will be charged. Should you have any questions, please contact our customer services anytime!

  • Can gifts be delivered overseas?

    If the Gift recipient is not in cities where we currently deliver:
    Unfortunately, this service is not available yet. However, once you provide the address of the recipient, we can give you an estimated charge for the extra distance. Or, we can help you choose, pack and send the gifts. Simply contact our customer services for further information.

    If the gift you're looking to send is not available in our current cities:
    You may send the gift to our offices in cities where we have services, and we will take care of the rest!

  • Can I simply ask you to help me deliver a gift I already prepared/ordered?

    No problem!

    Our "On-demand Gifting Service" option is there for you.

    A. If you already prepared/ordered the gift, please write down every detail in "Special Requirement". E.g. Address, the name of the gift, paid or not yet... ... for our Packers to pick up and deliver it more efficiently.

    B. If you are going to send the gift to our offices from other places and have the Packer deliver it to the recipient in person, please contact our customer services directly for further information.

    There will be some additional gratuity charged for this service, as our packer will help you buy gifts and deliver it to your loved one on your behalf.

    Please notice: If there is more than one store in the same order, an extra delivery fee will be charged.

  • Tracking Order

  • Can I track my delivery process?

    Four text messages and emails will be sent to you during the gifting journey for you to track the current status, including Order Confirmed, Gift Picked Up, On Delivery, Arrived (with your private messages).

    No matter where you are, we help you follow up every single step in this hearty and warm journey.

  • If there is a mistake in my order, what can I do to correct it?

    Please contact our customer services immediately through our offcial Facebook page or website and ask for help.

  • After placing the order, can I change the gift I want to send?

    If the shops permit, a NT$500 fee will be charged for changing the gift. We will try our best to mediate with the shops to make it happen.

    However, if the gift has already been made, it cannot be changed and no refund will be made. It is recommended that you are certain what to gift before placing an order.

  • 我可以更改送礼时间吗?


  • Can I get a refund if I don't need the gift after placing an order?

    Our Gift Assistant and Partner Stores have put a lot of effort into making the gifting journey perfect. Therefore, the refundable amount is also different. Please refer to the following:

    1. If the order has not been confirmed, the sender will get a full refund.

    2. If the order has been confirmed by Giftpack, and the Partner stores also confirmed the order, we can only refund our service fee. If you like to change the shipping location after the order has been confirmed, you may have to pay extra shipping and service fees.

    3. If the Packer has departed, the fee is not refundable.

  • What if the gift doesn't arrive at the assigned time?

    Packers will always update their current status during the entire delivery journey.
    If anything urgent happens, our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible and provide you with the updated ETA. And, if the receiver missed the call from Packers, we would have you contact the receiver regarding the pick-up.

  • What if the gift is rejected by the receiver?

    The packer will contact our customer support team, and we will ask the gift sender what he/she wants to do with the gift.

  • How can I contact my Packer?

    For any emergency, please contact our customer service team via our official Facebook page or our website for assistance.

  • Can I or the receiver leave a review on gifts and services?

    You can leave comments for us in the “Giftbox” page. Receivers can rate our services through the link in the text message we send.

  • If the gift receiver does not answer the phone, what will Giftpack do?

    We will contact you right away and provide you with these three options:

    1. Pay an extra fee to reschedule the delivery
    2. Ship to the receiver by logistics. (Extra fees will be charged.)
    3. Contact the receiver by yourself, and update us within ten minutes.

    If you would like the Packer to wait at the receiver's address or go to a different location, extra fees will be charged. Please see the questions below.

  • If the receiver is in another location, will the Packer send the gift there for me?

    If the Packer's schedule permits, we will have he/ she go to the updated location. Next, we will send you an email regarding the extra delivery fee.

  • Can Packer wait for the receiver for more than 30 minutes?

    If the Packer's schedule permits, an NT$ 100 will be charged for every 30-minute wait.

    Otherwise, we will keep the gifts first, and contact you for further discussion.

  • Promotions

  • Do I get a discount for my first order?

    Yes! After registering, we will send you a promo code to your e-mail address.

    Tips: If you haven't received the e-mail, please check your spam folder.

    * Coupon Code and Giftpack Credit cannot be used at the same time.
    * All promotion policy only applies for Giftpack members.

    If you have any questions, please contact our customer services.

  • What information will I get on Giftpack Newsletter?

    You will get first-hand special offers if subscribing to Giftpack Newsletter!

    Apart from that, you will be the first to know the new available cities, gift options, gifting stories, and the latest gifting trend recommendations for you.

    Subscribe to Giftpack Newsletter NOW to share your gifting stories and love with us!

  • 听说注册Giftpack还可以赚得购物金,是真的吗?

    听说注册Giftpack还可以赚得购物金,是真的吗是真的!即刻加入会员,验证手机号码与绑定社群帐号,即可享有100元 「礼物购物金」。
    购物金累计无上限,赶紧分享邀请码给好朋友们吧! ?

  • 我要如何得知最新的优惠资讯呢?


  • How to use my Coupon Code?

    You can redeem your coupon after placing an order.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • 为什么必须填写完整个人资料?


  • 哪里可以更新我的个人档案?

    c.接着即可看到自己的档案啰!点选自己想修改的项目即可。 (手机号码因已认证过,是无法随意做变更的喔)
    Ex: 我想改名字,就直接点选名字

    b.点击进去之后, 下拉一点就可以看到自己的资料啰!
    c.直接点击自己想更改的资料就可以进行更改啰! (手机号码因认证问题,是无法随意做更改的!)
    Ex: 我想更改我的名字,就直接点选更改我的名字

  • 忘记密码怎么办?

    -莫急莫慌!请至「个人档案」点选「忘记密码」,立即会有神奇连结以简讯的方式飞到您的注册手机,简讯里会附上网址带领你去设定新的密码喔 !


  • 我怎么还没收到验证码呢?


  • 网站为什么无法浏览?该如何寻求即时协助?

  • My Giftpack App keeps crashing. Is there a way to fix this problem?

    First, please make sure you’ve updated the Giftpack App to the latest version. Also, we suggest you closing all other Apps to restart the Giftpack App.
    If that still does not work, please ensure you've update your phone to its latest version.
    If the solutions above do not fix the problem, please contact our customer support team for further assistance.

  • How can I switch languages on the Giftpack website?

    You can find a list of languages at the bottom-right corner of the website, please feel free to choose your preferred language!

  • Sponsorship

  • How can I support Giftpack?

    Thanks for being here and trusting what we are doing now!

    We appreciate your kindness for supporting Giftpack, please click the link below:
    DonateGP Link
    Giftpack will keep working hard to be your best choice in this gifting journey. :)

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