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  • Browsing Issue

  • I am having trouble launching the Giftpack website. How can I contact customer support?

    We apologize for any inconvenience, but sometimes excessive flow can impact our servers. We are alerted immediately when these issues arise, and we work to fix them as soon as possible. For customer support you can visit our Facebook page for help.

  • My Giftpack App keeps crashing. Is there a way to fix this problem?

    First, please make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of the Giftpack App.
    Also, we suggest you close all of your other Apps, and restart your Giftpack App.
    If that still does not work, please make sure you update your smartphone system to its latest version. If above solutions do not work… please contact our customer support for further assistance.

  • How can I switch languages on the Giftpack website?

    You can find a list of languages on the lower-right corner of the website, please feel free to choose the language you want!

  • Account Information

  • How do I sign-up?

    -[for IOS users]
    Open your Giftpack App, then click “sign up” and input your phone number, and set your password. Next, you will receive the verification code, please verify your phone number and you should be all set!

    -[for web users]
    Click the “log in” button on the upper right, then click the “sign up” button to input your phone number and password to finish the process.

  • Do I have to sign up and register to use Giftpack’s services?

    Yes, you do! Once you complete the sign up process you will have access to all of the services Giftpack has to offer.

  • How do I log in?

    -[for IOS users]
    Open your Giftpack app, input your phone number and password, or you can also simply log in with one of your social media accounts.

    -[for web users]
    Click the “log in” button on upper right, input your phone number and password, and that’s it.

  • Why haven’t I received my verification code?

    Please double check to make certain that you have entered the correct number and country code. If you still haven’t received your verification code, please visit our website, and contact our customer support team.

  • Is there any benefit for signing up for Giftpack?

    Of course! First, you receive a $5 usd coupon once you register your phone number. Also, if you share Giftpack with your friends and they register using your link, you can receive more coupon credit! Coupons are unlimited!

  • How to get the latest promotional event?

    Join our official Line account to get the latest information.
    Giftpack LINE@: Line Official ID

  • Why do I have to fill out all of my personal information?

    Giftpack uses this information to identify you and provide you with the best service for both you and the gift receiver. Giftpack will also send promotional information as well as gift stories via e-mail.

  • How can I update my profile?

    [IOS APP]
    a. Click the round button which is on the middle bottom of the screen
    b. Click “PROFILE”
    c. You can edit everything except your cellphone number
    (Phone number can’t be changed because of the phone number verification has been done.)
    If you want to change your name, you just need to enter your new name in the name section. After typing, our system will automatically save your profile data and pop up a message “Your information has updated” to confirm your update.

    [Android APP]
    Same as the website steps.

  • How do I edit my email address?

    Click “PROFILE” and you can changed your email .

  • I’ve forgotten my password!!

    Don’t worry!

    a. Please go to the profile page
    b. Click “RESET” which is under the RESET PASSWORD
    c. Click the magic link in the text message we sent to you and then you can reset your password!

    a. Go to log in page
    b. Click “RESET” which is under the RESET PASSWORD
    c. Click the magic link we sent to your phone and then you can reset your password!

  • Service Area

  • What are the available cities?

    We’re currently in.
    Taipei New Taipei City Taichung Tainan Kaohsiung

    USA :
    San Francisco

  • What cities should I be looking forward to?

    In 2018, we are planning to launch in several cities in Taiwan including Taoyuan and Hsinchu. Additionally, we’re now preparing to expand our services in New York, Tokyo Fukuoka, Korea, and Singapore.

  • I want Giftpack in my city. Where can I go to request it?

    On our webpage please find the section “Let us Know Which City You Want on Our List” near the bottom of the page. If there is enough interest, we may expand to your region. Please gather your friends and family, and vote for your favorite city now!

  • Customising on Demand

  • What is an “Enterprise Order”?

    Giftpack provides customized gift boxes and services, which are tailored to their brand image, for identical-themed and large-order quantity enterprises/individuals/groups. The detailed cooperation mode is executed after consultation.

  • If I need a small amount of customization, how should I contact your reception?

    You are very welcome to discuss with us via our official website or fan page before ordering! We will contact our reception to serve you and satisfy your needs.

  • Will there be a discounted price if I want to deliver a huge amount of self-preparation presents at once?

    “Self-preparation Present Delivering” is adopted by a single purchase currently. Giftpack does not provide huge-amounted service. If you has any special needs, please feel free to contact our Facebook curator or website customer service.

  • How should I contact your reception if I want to customize a wedding present?

    You are very welcome to discuss with us via our official website or fan page before ordering! We will contact our reception to serve you and satisfy your needs.

  • Order Status/Tracking

  • What is Giftpack?How to use it?

    Giftpack is a platform that deliver your warmth to the people you care about in just 3 hours or less, no matter the distance.

    a. Select the city where you want to sent
    b. Choose your surprises
    c. Write a message and wait for the big smile from your beloved
    ( Want to know more about how does it work? click “
    How can I send my warmth to my loved?” )
    Tips: Your gift can accompany; a thoughtful text, voice message, or even a customized video.

  • How can I send my gift to my loved one?

    a. Pick the city where your loved one lives
    b. Choose a gift that is available in her/his city
    c. Enter his/her address and cellphone number
    d. We will sent “gift notes”, text message, to your loved one after he/she receives the gift.( Only you and your loved one could read the private message)
    Tips: SPECIAL REQUIREMENT- we will try our best to surprise your beloved. From singing the Happy Birthday song to having a big hug, you can always write down your special gifting wishes in the Special Requirement section.

  • Do I get discount for my first order?

    Yes!!! After becoming one of our family member, we will send you a promo code to the email that you sing up.
    Tips: If you can’t find the mail in your inbox, it might be in the spam! Please check out the spam, don’t miss the opportunity to have a discount!

  • Can I buy the present without delivery service?

    Compare to other trading platform, Giftpack care more about the feeling of our customer. Our idea is to deliver the message by handing gifts. So…we’re sorry that we don’t offer buying gifts without delivery.

  • If I want to send my own gift, how will I give it to Giftpack?

    1. If you have already ordered gifts in the shop where our Packer can pick it up directly, please indicate details in the “Special Requirement” section when you place the order in Giftpack, such as: shop address, name of the gift, if an ID card is needed when our Packer picks up your gift, etc..
    2. If you’d like to send your gift to Giftpack’s office, and have it delivered by our Packer personally, please send a private message on Facebook or the Giftpack website. We will provide you with an address, and make sure your gift is delivered by the time you request.

    (You might want to know:Can you help me buy gifts?、What exactly is the “Special 3 Hrs Delivery” service and how do I make order? )

  • Can you help me buy gifts?

    We suggest that you use our “Special 3Hrs Delivery” service. If your gift is available in convenience stores, pharmacies or chain stores, we can help you with that! (Please contact our customer service first for preliminary evaluation.)

    Extra tips for our Packer is needed for this service. Our enthusiastic Packer will help you buy gifts and deliver your love directly on your behalf.

  • Can I prepare my own gift but still use the extraordinary delivery that Giftpack provides?

    You surely can! After choosing the city, find “Special 3Hrs Delivery” in “Special” section, place your order. After that, our Packer will pick your gift up in the appointed place at the appointed time. The most exciting part, your gift will surprise your loved one!
    (You might want to know:What exactly is the “Special 3 Hrs Delivery” service and how do I place an order? )

  • How does Giftpack deliver gifts? What about the shipping costs?

    After you complete the payment, we will have our Packer pick up your gift in the shop, and have the gift delivered on time. Shipping costs varies according to rates, real time traffic information, weather, distance, holidays and many other factors.
    *Double shipping charge on national holidays will be announced in advance if there’s any.

    Warm notice: Giftpack believes in this pure tip culture and will give 100% of tips to our Packer. We believe that tips and smiles from our customers are the best ways to encourage our Packers!

  • Are you open on holidays and weekends? Will shipping costs be different?

    Giftpack is 24/7! However, the products on Giftpack can only be delivered at the appointed date and times selected by our partner shops.

    More about shipping costs: How does Giftpack deliver gifts? What about the shipping costs?)

  • If I want to choose several gifts, can I combine shipping costs?

    Currently, we do not offer this service. If you want to buy other gifts at the same time, you can indicate the product name in “Special Requirement”.

  • Can gifts be delivered overseas?

    Unfortunately, this service is not available yet.

    However, you can choose “Special 3hrs Delivery” and send your gifts to our offices in any available city.

    (Know more:What exactly is the “Special 3 Hrs Delivery” service and how do I place an order?)

  • If shops are not open today, can I still deliver gifts?

    Our system has our store partner’s availability listed. You can only successfully place an order on our app or website if our store partner is available to prepare the gift.

  • After the sender complete the order and payment, how long does it take until the receivers get the gifts?

    The fastest situation is that it would take three hours to deliver after the order and payment is completed.

  • I need the gifts to be delivered right now!

    We are more than willing to deliver your warmth and heart. However, in order to maintain our best quality, we advise that you contact our customer service first. We will check details as soon as possible. There may be additional fees for expedited orders.

  • If there is an error in the order I just placed, what can I do to correct the mistake?

    Please immediately contact our customer service team through the private messaging window of our Facebook page or our official website and ask for help to correct the mistake.

  • Will I receive any notification after I successfully place the order?

    Yes, during the entire delivering process, Giftpack will send out 4 text messages, of which includes “Order Confirmation,”“Your packer is on the way,”“Your gift has been picked up,” and “Your gift has successfully arrived & Private Messages.” Therefore, you can keep an eye on the flow.
    (You might want to know: How’s the delivery process going right now?)

  • Where can I find my previous gifting records?

    [iOS users]
    Please click on the small circle below the display cards of the cities upon entering the Giftpack App. You will find the “Giftpack” button and check your “Inbox” and “Mytreat” to check your previous gifting records.

    [Website users]
    Upon logging in, you can click “My account” to enter the “Profile” page, and click the “Giftbox” to check your previous gifting/receiving records.

  • How’s the delivery process going right now?

    We will send out 4 test messages during the entire process, so that you can keep up with your packer’s every move, including picking up the gift, delivering it, and finally handing over it to your loved ones.
    (You might want to know: Will I receive any notification after I successfully place the order?)

  • What if the gift couldn’t arrive at the assigned time?

    Generally speaking, Packers will be required to update their current situations during the entire delivery process.
    However, if anything urgent happens, our customer service team will contact the gift receiver as soon as possible and offer the fastest estimated arrival time.
    If the gift receiver does not answer the phone call made by our packer, we would suggest the gift sender should call the gift receiver by himself/herself and ask the gift receiver pick up the phone call in order to complete the gifting process.

  • What will happen, if the gift is rejected by the receiver?

    The packer will contact our customer support team, and we will ask the gift sender what would he/she wants to do with the gift.

  • If the gift receiver does not show up at the assigned location, what should I do?

    Your packer will contact our customer support team to call the gift receiver, and we will try to find the best way to hand the gift to your loved one.

  • How will I know the gift has arrived in the receivers’ hands?

    During the entire delivery process, Giftpack will send out 4 text messages, of which includes “Order Confirmation,”“Your packer is on the way,”“Your gift has been picked up,” and “Your gift has successfully arrived & Private Messages.”
    The last text message will be “Your gift has successfully arrived & Private Messages”, will be sent to both the gift giver and gift receiver.

  • How can I contact my packer?

    If anything urgent happens, please contact our customer service team through the private messaging window of our Facebook page or our official website and ask for help.

  • Can I leave a comment or review a gift I received?

    Gift givers can leave comments for us regarding the service in the “Giftbox” page. Receivers can rate our service through the link provided in the text message you’ve received

  • Payment

  • How do I pay? Are Apple Pay and Paypal available? What other options do I have ?

    The available ways of payment are listed below:
    Taiwan: credit card, debit card, Apple Pay
    United States: credit card, debit card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Venmo
    *iBon and WeChat Pay will be available soon. We hope to provide you a better experience!

  • Can I use other countries’ credit cards?

    We’ve heard your voice! There are 65 countries’ credit cards available now and the number keeps increasing. Please wait and see!

  • Will there be any transaction issue with exchange rates on the products?

    Please do not worry. Giftpack adopts a instant-exchange rate system, as a result, there will not be any transaction issue with exchange rates.

  • Will there be any risk if I pay by credit card?

    You can count on Giftpack! We adopt the “3D secure” method, which is the highest certification standards now, giving it our best to minimize the risk of paying by credit card online. Giftpack will do our best to help you :)

  • Promotions

  • What is the content of the Newsletter? (What can I benefit from subscribing for the Newsletter?)

    You will get first-hand special offers by subscribing to Giftpack’s Newsletter! From the opening of a new gifting city to new gifts on the shelf, we will also send information on the latest gifting trends and information specifically for you! Please subscribe to Giftpack’s Newsletter NOW to share stories of warmth and love with us!

  • How do I get more promotional coupons on Giftpack?

    Besides the New Membership’s Sign Up $5 USD promotional coupon, you can recommend Giftpack to your friends and ask them to enter your invitation code to earn more promotional coupons.
    (In case you want to know: Is it real that I can earn promotional coupons by signing up to Giftpack?)
    Both you and your friends can get the extra $2.50 USD promotional coupon after successfully sharing the invitation code!

    [iOS users]
    The invitation code is at the bottom of the “Profile” in the Giftpack App. You can share the code to Line, Facebook message and other social media applications!

    [Web users]
    The invitation code is in the ”Profile” section. Share the good news with your friends NOW!

  • How do I redeem my promotional coupon?

    You can redeem your promotional coupon in the “Confirmation & Tip” step.

  • How can I get a promotional code?

    You can get the promotional code by referring Giftpack to friends or following Giftpack’s fan page and Newsletter!

  • Are there any conditions for using the promotional code?

    Nope! As long as you have a Giftpack account, there is no additional conditions for using the promotional code.

  • Top Selling Gifts

  • What exactly is the “Special 3 Hrs Delivery” service and how do I place an order?

    Giftpack can deliver your self-preparation present in 3 hours!
    The steps: Pick the gifting city → Click the “Special” section → Click “Special 3 Hrs delivery” →Type in receiver’s information and click next→ Type in the size, weight, contents of the gift and whether the gift is fragile or not in the “Special Requirements” column.
    (You may also want to know: Are there any size limitations for your self-prepared gift(s)? How do I give Giftpack my self-prepared gift(s)?)

  • Are there any size limitations for your self-prepared gift(s)?

    In order to maintain gifting quality, we recommend you limit your gift to 40*40*40(cm). Please contact us if your presents are oversize, we’ll provide you with the best solutions for that!

  • How do I use “The Magic tip Box” service?

    After choosing the desire gifting city, you can find “The Magic Tip Box” service in the “Special” section. Adjust the tip amount in the last step and sent out the request than its all set!

  • In what conditions do I need to use “The Magic Tip Box” service?

    Some customers messaged Giftpack saying that they want to send their appreciations and tips to the Giftpackers after receiving their gifts, and that’s the birth of “The Magic Tip Box” service!
    Besides, there are some conditions for you to use “The Magic Tip Box” to supplement the tips:
    Condition one: The gifting destination is out of our service area. We will suggest you a reasonable tip amount.
    Condition two: In the “Special Requirements” column asking for a ghostwriter service for writing a gift card but the tip amount is not sufficient, we will ask you to make up the amount by $1.
    We keep the merits of the tipping spirit so all the service fees will be given to the Giftpacker team.
    (You may also want to know: How do I use “The Magic tip Box” service?)

  • How come there are some flowers that I cannot order today?

    Some flower shop partners need more time to prepare their flowers. Some partners will have limited products per day so make your order as soon as possible!

  • Is there any large-sized present I can buy?

    Currently, the largest gift on the platform for now is a bouquet, and you can order it anytime you want!

  • Sponsorship

  • How can I send a positive review to Giftpack?

    We sincerely appreciate your kindness and for delivering a positive message about Giftpack! Please click on the link below:
    DonateGP Link
    Giftpack will keep working hard to be your one-stop shop for gifting :)

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