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  • What can I do if my Internet is unstable and down on the half way of delivery?

    Find a place with Wifi signal, and get a screenshot of your delivery information. In this way you can check the all the information even when you’re off line.

  • Will I get a delivery order even when I am off line?

    You will receive the notification of delivery order, but since we will assume you don’t want to be disturbed, we prefer to let others get the chance first.

  • Why does it take so long to wait for an order?

    ​​The number of orders depends on our sales volume. We just kick off and will do our best to improve it. Also, we will inform our packers in advance when there’re orders by using some chat apps like Line/Slack.

  • ​​What can I do if any accident happens and I can’t finish my delivery?

    Please use the report system built in the APP to contact us. We will give you an aid as soon as possible.

  • Can I be a packer if I only get a bike?

    Sure, any ways of transportation are welcome:)

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  • San FranciscoAll Districts Available
  • SeattleWill Be Available in 2018
  • Los AngelesWill Be Available in 2018
  • BostonWill Be Available in 2018
  • San DiegoWill Be Available in 2018
  • WashingtonWill Be Available in 2018
  • New York CityWill Be Available in 2018
  • Las VegasWill Be Available in 2018
  • MiamiWill Be Available in 2018
  • DallasWill Be Available in 2018
  • Taipei CitySee available districts
  • Keelung CityWill Be Available in 2018
  • New Taipei CitySee available districts
  • Taoyuan CityWill Be Available in 2018
  • Kaohsiung CitySee available districts
  • Hsinchu CityWill Be Available in 2018
  • Taichung CitySee available districts
  • Yilan CityWill Be Available in 2018
  • Tainan CitySee available districts
  • Miaoli CityWill Be Available in 2018
  • TokyoComing Soon
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  • LondonComing Soon
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