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On July 1st, 2023, Giftpack will migrate the Giftpack.io service to Giftpack.ai to provide a smarter and more global gifting solution to all our clients and supporters worldwide. It was an amazing six and half year, and we are incredibly thankful to our employees, investors, clients, partners, and packers. Our team had an amazing journey with uncountable touching stories that truly connect people in long-distance relationships. From our first couple to 28,000+ connections, from San Francisco to 29 cities around the globe. COVID-19 gave us an opportunity to continue innovating the future of gifting with deeper technology, scalability, sustainability, social impact, and humanity. Giftpack will take everything and bring an even greater mark to help people build better relationships with no distance. For more details on the migration, please read the article here: https://blog.giftpack.ai/article/giftpack-websites-merges Thanks for everything. With gratitude, Giftpack Global Team

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